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MIM/FIM may be linked to a variety of standard systems.

Below you will find a list of additional agents adapted for MIM/FIM to some common systems.

Based on your requirements, we also tailor connections to other systems. System that are compatible with MIM/FIM see complete system list..


Devexus has developed a series of standard agents for MIM/FIM for the following systems:
IST Extens, Procapita, Personec, Public records, E-mail distribution, Home directories, Password Synchronization to IDFile´s in Domino/Notes from FIM, Password Synchronization from eDirectory to FIM, Groupwise

In addition, we have worked and built connectors and agents against a further set of systems including these:
· Trio - Telephone Systems
· FirstClass - E-mail system
· Netwise CMG - Telephone Systems
· DNA - Telephone Systems
· HSA - National Directory Services
· Ladok - Student Records for the University
· Live @ edu - Cloud service for e-mail

This is an agent for MIM/FIM used by many municipalities. By using this agent MIM/FIM receives information about all the students and school staff within the system.


The information from IST Extens creates users and groups in Active Directory or other directory service. The agent can adapt dynamically based on personal preferences.

A complete MIM/FIM-agent for the student administrative part of the system Procapita (used in many municipalities) collecting information on students within the municipality, to create users and groups in Active Directory, or in a similar directory service.


The agent also picks up a number of group types, such as school, organizational affiliation, students classes or staff. It is dynamically adjusted according to personal preference.

This MIM/FIM-agent retrieves information about employees from Personnel System Personec (formerly Persona / Feedback). The data retrieved can be name, title and employment for people with an active employment. The agent has functions to select a head of employment for people with multiple employments.


The groups that this agent should collect are based on organization, title, place of work and position code, etc. The agent is adjusted according to personal preference.

Devexus also offer services directly related to Skatteverkets/ the national tax board’s civil registers. Daily updates takes place to obtain the most updated and accurate personal and address details directly into your own IT system. This facilitates management of protected personal data, which is simplified and immediately updated in all systems. The linking agent is flexible and adjustable according to your wishes.


In order to avoid all manual and time-consuming procedures to distribute login information to new staff, we offer a complete agent who manage this. It leads to increased quality, shortened lead times and the new employee will speed up its work. The agent can be dynamically adjusted according to personal preference. The module keeps track of the identity of the manager and keeps him informed by e-mail as soon as the user data is recorded. The module is dynamic and used in the same way when staff quits.


MIM/FIM has no agent to create home directories. Therefore Devexus have developed an agent that creates and manages the home directories for users. The agent handles home folders in a folder structure, such as the organizational structure, and set the right permissions on home directories.


The agent handles home directories attributes and rights for both Windows and Netware servers. It also supports storage of home directories and can be dynamically adjusted according to personal preferences.

Agent that online in Lotus Domino / Notes can synchronize password changes from MIM/FIM to IDFiles in Lotus Domino / Notes.

This agent is capable of building MIM/FIM solutions synchronizing passwords from Active Directory to MIM/FIM and further on to the IDFile in Domino.


In addition to create user accounts, the agent also sets attributes, adds user accounts to distribution lists and deletes users from distribution lists. The agent also provides support to bring visibility to user accounts and to appoint, or remove, the expiration date of the accounts, and can be adapted based on your personal preference.


Since MIM/FIM does not contain any agent to create user accounts in Novell GroupWise, Devexus have developed an agent that creates and manages e-mail accounts to GroupWise. Novell GroupWise is a calendaring application with integrated email, address book and task management.

* In 2014, Microsoft announced that Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) is renamed into Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM). FIM 2010 R2 is the successor to Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) 2007. ILM was in turn an amalgamation of the products: the Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) 2007 and Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003.

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