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MIM/FIM – Efficient handling of many users

MIM/FIM 2010 (Microsoft Identity Manager/Forefront Identity
Manager 2010 R2)* is a cost effective solution for identity management. No matter how many systems a user has access to; user data is administered in one single place. The information is automatically distributed to other systems. So, instead of updating all systems when staff starts, quit or change service, user data is updated in one place, which corresponds to large time and cost savings for organizations with many users.

* In 2014, Microsoft announced that Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) is renamed into Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM). MIM/FIM is a product for managing identities and permissions. With FIM, it is easy to build identity and meta-directory solutions through integration and synchronization. FIM 2010 R2 is the successor version of Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) 2007. ILM itself consisted of a combination of products: Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) 2007, and Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003.

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