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Devexus works according to a simple project model that consists of four stages. Depending on the specific situation, needs and requirements, we use the following elements in our MIM/FIM projects. Our motto in all projects is the right thing at the right time! Our MIM/FIM consultants possess deep knowledge and long experience of FIM implementations.

The projects are offered at a fixed price. For public administration Devexus cooperates with a number of major partners who are on several frame agreements.

A workshop provides an introduction to MIM/FIM, identity and access management, and seeks to clarify what is possible to achieve with integration and identity management.

We start with an education in MIM/FIM from an operational and functional point of view.

Then we proceed to a status report based on interviews with system owners, system administrators and other key persons within your business where we find out how the administration of users and groups works today, and what improvement opportunities exist.

The workshop progresses for 3-5 days and is offered at a fixed price. Together we make a compilation and identification of a possible next step. A report is delivered as soon as the workshop is completed.

The projecting aims to develop a functional specification for the next step in the FIM-integration. Together we analyze all the details of the upcoming MIM/FIM project. The result is documented in a function specification. The functional specification is a "drawing" showing the link with MIM/FIM and provides a good basis for a successful project.

It can also serve as a good order and brief guidance for the introduction of a new MIM/FIM-project.

We have extensive experience of developing MIM/FIM solutions and have made a large number of successful projects (references). When the projecting phase is completed, we have the design needed to build a custom solution for your organization. We always work on a project basis and according to Microsoft Best Practices. We submit a well-documented solution with proposed management practices.

After the implementation, we will be available for quick support of our solutions. See Devexus references.

Do you need a review of your solution? Do you have difficulties in finding the sources of error? Is there a need for improvement and optimization? Please contact us for a review; we possess the knowledge of it. Sometimes an existing MIM/FIM solution or a MIM/FIM project needs a review, such as analyzing the solution, design or to identify sources of error. It may also include review of potential improvements, such as time optimization.

* In 2014, Microsoft announced that Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) is renamed into Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM). FIM 2010 R2 is the successor to Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) 2007. ILM was in turn an amalgamation of the products: the Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) 2007 and Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003.

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