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Using an intelligent search engine

An industry joint site for safety and building product declarations, developed by Devexus, in cooperation with Skanska. As an aid in the selection of building materials from an environmental perspective, the construction sector has developed building product declarations. Their purpose is, first, to provide information about a product's environmental life cycle perspective, and form the basis for product selection and to document the product selection in various construction projects.

Many chemical products contain substances that make them potentially harmful to humans and the environment. In order to protect the user and his environment, it is important to be informed of the health and environmental characteristics of the product. The user also needs information on how the product should be used to minimize the risks. There are legal requirements saying that manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products must provide product and safety information to all users.

Within the construction industry there are large gaps in access to safety and building product declarations. These are missing in many cases and it’s difficult and complicated to get access to relevant documents and updates.

To avoid the problem, Skanska purchased an intelligent search engine, developed by Devexus, which collects construction safety and product declarations in an industry-wide database. The web site, managed by Skanska, is free of charge and available for anyone who is interested.

Builders' BVD-spot

The search engine collects and updates safety and building materials declarations available on the Internet published by suppliers. The companies represented in the database are based on manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products and building materials to the Swedish construction industry.

Each manufacturer / supplier is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

Intelligent search engines

Devexus provides an advanced self-developed search engine to find records of a specific type on the Internet. The search engine can be customized according to your needs. It helps your company to streamline the management of specific documents such as safety, financial statements or certain types of reports. An intelligent text analyzer, set to look for a particular document based on certain criteria, screen documents on the Internet.

Documents that meet the search criteria are collected in a searchable and web-based database that is available for all users, 24/7. The database is regularly updated and tailored to suit your own preferences.
There are great demands on a search engine to find a specific document on the Internet since many different people with a variety of tools create the documents. Our search engine has an advanced text analyzer screening the contents.

How can an intelligent search engine be used?

Devexus adapts the search engine to your needs to find specific records.

You will find an example by clicking on the link.

Click on this link.

How the search engine search for pages

The search engine is searching links on pages, downloads and analyzes the content to determine if the link corresponds to the document requested. The search engine finds a variety of links of different kind on each page. Links can be anything from ordinary mail liks, to more advanced JavaScript links.

The search engine uses advanced logic, a unique way to find many links per page, often much more than the major search engines generally finds.

How can the search engine recognize a document?

Through configuration of a number of templates typical of the searched document the search engine determines the certain type of document. Templates consist of information, list of words, list of titles in no particular order, or a list of titles with a specific sequence, etc.

The search engine uses these templates in a "creative" and flexible way to assess the type of document – which is challenging due to the human factor in form of spelling, variations expressing the same information, and more. For example, a template can include a title with the appearances as "1. Product Name." This title can be written in a variety of ways such as "1.0 Product Name", "1 Product Name", "§ 1 Product Name", "1 Product Name", "1 The name of the product."

How can search engines index documents?

When the search engine has found a document, the document needs to be indexed. Every word from the document is listed and the document is indexed by each word but also to words that appear in the headings. Sometimes other information needs to be indexed i.e. by phrases, expressions, etc. This is supported in the search engine.

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