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Hammarö Municipality

Devexus has developed a unique FIM/ILM solution for Hammarö municipality for automatic operation of an entire network with Novell Netware eDirectory and GroupWise.

The solution consists of two parts. The first part connects the student register Procapita with eDirectory where users and groups automatically are created by using existing information in the student register Procapita. The second part collects information on human resources, employment, organizational, supervisors and groups of staff system Personec (formerly Persona) and then reflected on eDirectory and GroupWise in the administrative network.

Hammarö Municipality also uses FIM/ILM for creating logins in the network for all teachers and students on the basis of existent information in the student administrative system, where logins directs toward eDirectory and Active Directory.

As soon as a student starts school he automatically gets access to a home directory (on NetWare) to the right ratio, ACLs and flags. Likewise, if a student begins in the midterm, FIM/ILM automatically assigns the student an account on the network, a home directory, and access to school and class folders, as soon as he is registered in the student system. The same, if a student quits during the school year, FIM handles the inactivation and archiving of individual competencies and information.

The FIM/ILM solution in Hammarö municipality also handles groups and common files for each school district, school, grade and class by creating shared directories and related groups. A teacher who works in three different schools has automatically access to common files for all three schools.

This FIM/ILM solution primarily manages eDirectory accounts, but also secondary accounts in Active Directory. It can also capture password changes in eDirectory and synchronize them to the Active Directory.

This kind of solution, handling everything from ordinary accounts with home directories, to a complete organizational structure in eDirectory, is unique and gives an amazing functionality in a fully independent network with very little manual maintenance, few sources of error, achieving a higher data efficiency since the same information do not need to be inserted several times.

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