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Advanced FIM solution for City of Örebro

City of Örebro is now using FIM/ILM for automatic handling of e-mail users in Lotus Domino. This after Devexus developed an advanced custom solution to the municipality. Information on staff and students is collected from the staff and student registers, which is the source of integration. The solution also includes a web-workflow, where the administrator by a mouse click is able to administer a person's email account. In order for this workflow to function FIM keeps an ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode, a simple directory service) with updated information on all staff, students and all organizational units.

City of Örebro has also chosen to use FIM/ILM for automatic management of users, groups, home directories and shared folders in Active Directory and file servers.

Based on information in the student administrative system, FIM/ILM is used for creating logins in Active Directory for all teachers and students.

At school start FIM/ILM allocates to each student a home directory, which is used throughout the school term. City of Örebro has a fully automated FIM/ILM solution for managing groups and common files, which for each campus, school, grade and class, is created shared directories and related groups. There are two parallel file services, one for students and one for teachers, both handled by FIM/ILM. This dynamic solution allows i.e. a handicraft teacher who works at three different schools, automatically can gain access files common to all three schools.

Another example, a student starting school during the school year and registered in the student administrative system, will be assigned an account automatically on the network, a home directory and access to school and class folders. It works in the same way if a student quits school during the school year. FIM handles inactivation and retention of the person’s access and information.

Being able to handle everything, from ordinary accounts with home folder to a complete organizational structure in Active Directory, is completely unique. It gives a great functionality in a fully automated network with very little manual maintenance, few sources of error and unbeatable efficiency in handling information, since the information just need to be entered once. The solution is a reflection of the existing structure in the student administrative system, groups and shared folders for each school district, school and grades, classes and programs (also reflected data on student administrative system) with permissions set on all public folders, so the right person has access to the right things.

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