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Västerås points out the way to effective IT operations

Devexus has built an FIM/ILM solution for Västerås City handling user accounts and groups in the network. The solution manages 57 000 objects in MetaVerse (the meta-database in FIM/ILM) and over 400 000 users, contacts and groups.

The solution consists of two parts. For more information see the description on the Microsoft website.

Microsoft website.

Two parts

In Part 1 FIM/ILM connects Extens student code with Active Directory for the school. Users and groups are created automatically using existing information in the student register. This results in effective management of student and staff users, mailboxes and groups in AD, leading to significant cost savings in the administration of the approximately 25 000 users and 8 000 dynamic groups.

In Part 2, data retrieved from the staff system, the staff, positions, organizational units, managers and teams, and reflect them further on an Active Directory in the administrative network. Also in this AD thousands of users are handled. To ensure the quality information from the civil register is collected through an on-line connection.


School staff needs access to contact details for staff in AD in the administrative network and vice versa. Therefore FIM/ILM contact information, including name and e-mail, is synchronized between these two AD.

FIM/ILM manages an additional Active Directory to SharePoint Portal Server, where thousands of groups are created and then used in SharePoint Portal Server.

Mats Gahnström, project manager at the City of Västerås

- "I estimate that we will save 2-4 full-time positions in the administration of the network directory. Approximately I would guess that we would save between one and two million (SEK) a year. Return on investment is done already at implementation. The whole solution will run large savings for the City of Västerås ".

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